PIRC presentation at Valley Cottage Library

Just a reminder that PIRC will be giving a presentation at the Valley Cottage Library in Valley Cottage, NY on Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 7pm.

It is labeled as a teen event but all are welcomed. There is a registration so if you are interested click here to go to the registration.

Address: 110 New York 303, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
“The Paranormal Investigators of Rockland County are experts who investigate local paranormal activity. Their presentation will include how and why they conduct investigations as well as sharing some of the actual evidence they have collected.”

PIRC New City Library Presentation

Don’t forget Pirc will be giving a presentation at the New City Library this coming Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7pm.

Location: 220 N. Main Street, New City, NY 10956

Hope to see you all there.

New content for members only

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve created 2 new forms under our members only pages.

One is for suggesting Paid Event locations and one is for Suggesting Urban Locations. I hope this makes it easier for you to submit your input on future investigations.

Forum back as test run

I’ve been missing the forum so I’ve decided to put it back up. My aim is to take it completely out of wordpress but for now I’ve put it back. I’ll give it a trial run to see if there is any interest. You must be a registered user to post. All are welcomed to view.

3rd set of Hillburn, NY #2 evps now posted

The next set of evps from our Hillburn, NY #2 investigation can be found here under PircBev.

This investigation yielded the most evps to date of any investigation we have performed. There is still several sets to be posted since every investigator that brought a digital audio recorder found evps.

Enjoy them and feel free to comment.

Welcome Drew

Just a quick note to welcome our newest member Drew

Drew has experience in urban ghost hunting and we welcome him to the PIRC group. In addition to helping us on regular PIRC investigations, Drew will be helping to organize our newest our Urban Ghost Hunting or UGH investigations.

I know I speak for all of Pirc when I say we’re happy to him aboard.


Shanley Hotel Investigation nearly here

Well our group investigation of the Shanley hotel is almost upon us. I can tell you this…

I am very psyched. It’s going to be a blast. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have more Pirc team mates up there with us.

Perhaps the next group investigation will have more of us.

In any event I’m splitting my time getting things ready, reviewing and working on a new combination IR/UV light. I bought a full spectrum camera and I really need to get this light completed. It will be an essential piece to have for the night.

I will have lots to post when I get back. Geez – I’ll have 2 private investigations and 2 group ones to put up. I’ve writing up Fort Mifflin and try to post a little soon. If not under investigations perhaps in the Forum. I’ll definitely post much more after next week.

Just wanted to give you all a little teaser. Talk to you soon. Barb

Solution for Green Hyperlinked Words

Firefox users I have found a solution for getting rid of those green double underlined words that have a hyperlink to a manufacturer. This is also posted in the forum.

You can basically opt out of having the manufacturers link show by mousing over the green word and clicking the ? on the upper right then following the instructions to opt out on the page that gets opened.

Make sure you check the box before entering the captcha code and submitting. You should see a confirmation that you have opted out successfully.

Pass this along to anyone you know who doesn’t appreciate the manufacturers using our websites as free advertising.


PIRC Forum now available

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new addition to the PIRC website. I’ve added a forum which is available from the menu bar. You must be a registered user to post but that is simple. Just click on the registration link to get started. All users are welcomed.
This is just another way for our followers to get involved and make the pirc-ny.com website a fun place to visit.
PIRC members should use their website login IDs. Email Barbara if you have any questions.

Share your paranormal photos

I received some good responses to the Orb posting and some people even say they have some interesting photos. So I’d like to open up a page for other people to send in their paranormal photos for me to post. Once I receive I’ll put up a page with them on it. Please make sure the photos relate to the paranormal in some way. I’ll post your name next to them for credit so please be sure to include how you want the photo credit to be listed.

Orbs – paranormal or not

I’m going to open up a discussion on orbs. I know I’m opening a big door but I’m interested in people’s opinions. And people’s opinions on this subject vary from one extreme to the other.

Before I start I’m going to ask anyone who participates to please respect others opinions even if they don’t agree with yours. Any name calling will not be tolerated.

Ok… here goes.

Is an orb always dust, insect, other debris or are some orbs signs of paranormal activity?

Now since the age of digital cameras orbs have increased. Certainly I’ve gotten more than I ever had. Having said that I find it interesting that I never just get them on regular photos. It seems I only get them when I suspect paranormal activity and I only started getting them since our parents have passed. Believe me the cats never did this before. All these occurrences have transpired since the first parent passing.

Let me clarify. I have taken over 100 photos in my living room/stairway area and for the most part I never get an orb. For the most part? Yes all regular photos never show any orbs. Yet whenever one of my cats start acting weird and stare at the stairs like something or someone is there, combined usually with us hearing noises or footsteps and I get up and take a photo from their angle I will get an orb or series of orbs. (usually it has to be at their angle although there is that rare occasion that I get one without their pov)

Now these aren’t ones just close to the camera. I get some far back up the top of the stairs and some of these are so bright. But not in a reflective way. Some seem to have substance and others not. I know some could be dust but there are those few that I have gotten that make me wonder. Like I said this orb thing only began since. If it were dust then why would I not see them when I have people in the house and the dust is surely being kicked about? I don’t know the answer and I am reluctant to say unequivocally that these are paranormal but now that I am amassing more of these types I have to begin to wonder.

What about orbs that are a different color?

Until a recent investigation I have never gotten a colored orb, other than white/gray that is.

I recently did a night investigation at Fort Mifflin, PA and while the evening was interesting and enjoyable I personally only had “one” personal experience that night. (I will post the full investigation soon) Here is where the orb comes in. I was in the blacksmith shop standing in the doorway when I heard a distinctive voice right outside. A woman’s voice. (Promise the orb part is coming) When I heard the voice I just thought it was one of the other investigative teams but when I leaned out to look there was no one there so I stepped outside for a better, more thorough look. After feeling confident there was no one I got the distinct feeling there was someone watching me from either the building in front of me (an old open stable or barn I think but now just some storage) or the hill next to it and behind it. So I began to take a series of pictures.

Now the orb(s).

When I began to review the photos the first thing I noticed was there were 2 distinctive orange colored orbs. There were other orbs (gray) in the picture, faint but there and I did feel those could be dust but here were these orange ones. As I went through the pictures again I discovered a rather strange little light (not sure I could call it an orb but it might fit that category) that appeared near the top of the barn roof. It seemed to move about from one still shot to the next. (I will post these for your comments) Now again I’m on the fence about orbs believe me. I like hard scientific evidence but… I can’t explain what these are or when I get them at my house.

Anyway I’m going to look at them again and will link the page when I post but I really am curious what others opinions are about orbs. Orbs on video are, I believe a little easier to determine what they are since the way they move, illuminate and behave are very telling. I mean bugs are pretty easy to pick out on video but perhaps not so much on a still shot.

So what’s your take on orbs? Colored orbs, illuminated orbs, orbs that seem to move with a purpose on video and other situational orbs. Anyone care to weigh in on the subject?