Photo Evidence

All photos contained on the Pirc website are considered property of Pirc (unless otherwise noted) and may not be used without expressed written consent.

The photos will be presented with explanations where deemed necessary.

The photos presented are not presented as definitive proof of the paranormal. PIRC presents these photos as containing interesting images which may represent paranormal images. No photos have been doctored. Some photos may have the addition of an “arrow” but this will in no way affect the quality of the original photo.

If image enhancements such as brightening or contrast adjustment have been made it will be clearly indicated and the original photo will be presented for comparison.

Below are links to photos from our various investigations.

Suffern, NY 8/5/2011

Fort Mifflin, PA 7/16/11

ESP Photos 10/2007

This photo was taken by a friend, Drew at a local park called Kakiat park in fall of 2011. Check it out.



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