Below is a sampling of the equipment PIRC members use. This page is currently being updated to add additional equipment being used. – please check back.

(this model no longer in use)

Digital Recorders – Pirc has currently gone stereo with our Digital recorders. We use Olympus recorders. These are used for EVPs sessions.

Digital non-contact thermometer – Used to take temperature readings quickly. The user pulls the trigger and the laser shines where it’s pointed and takes a reading. Our model Ryobi Tek-4 can record the readings if you want

IR Lights – We use different IR lights to be able to record in complete darkness with our camcorders. Only camcorders that either have “nightshot” or very low light capabilities can utilize these lights.




This is a combination UV/IR light that is used with our full spectrum camera. The lights around the outside are IR the lights in a circular layout are UV. The light in the middle is also an IR light. This enables us to film in the full spectrum. We have several of these with various led layouts.

PIRC is currently making their own IR and UV/IR lights and these will be made available for purchase by request in the future. I’ll post once I am ready to accept orders.



This is our full spectrum camera. This allows us to take video or still pictures throughout the various light spectrum. Normal camera’s do not film in either the IR spectrum or UV spectrum. This camera films in all with the aid of the appropriate lighting.



EMF detectors – These are only 2 of the different type of emf detectors that we use. The first one is a KII meter and the second is commonly known as a MEL meter. EMF detectors measure electromagnetic fields and each measure within a set frequency, which is why we use many different types. The MEL has the ability to measure temperature and electromagnetic fields at the same time. The MEL can record the readings for later review if that feature is used.

Microphones – We use various microphones with our digital recorders depending on their use to amplify the sound and make capturing evps easier. We also use a shotgun microphone (not shown) for collecting sounds at a distance.

  Digital Camcorders – We use several types but the Sony with ‘nightshot’ works the best for us. We use these as stand alone drop cameras when electricity is a problem or we carry to document a member view of the investigation.

DVR System with IR Cameras – We use a 4 channel DVR system with IR cameras that we mount on tripods. The DVR system allows us to run night vision cameras and cover a wider range of the investigation site. They also allow us to monitor the evenings events as they unfold.




This is the Ovilus X and the digital read out by Digital Dowsing. The unit’s speech is very mechanical which is why we have the digital read out that displays the word being said. (This occurs only in dictionary mode) This unit contains a 3000+ word dictionary and many functions to utilize that dictionary base. The concept is that entities can manipulate the dictionary words to communicate. This unit also possesses a white noise generator and an energy pump. We are open to utilizing a variety of tools to make contact easier. Whether or not the results obtained using this equipment is paranormal is not certain and PIRC in no way is asserting that it is.

Geophone – used to sense vibrations. These are helpful when we hear footsteps or noises. The lights will light up and show the strength of the vibrations.

This was made by PIRC and will be made available for purchase by request in the future. I’ll post once I am ready to accept orders.


Grid Laser lights – used to project a pattern in an  area to make it easier to detect movement or shadows. We use ours in a clamp on a small tripod.

Sound sensor – Similar to the geophone except that this reacts to sound rather than vibrations. These are homemade by PIRC and are still in beta testing.


Flash box – the Flash box ™ is made by PIRC and is in beta form. This device has undergone several revisions from this picture and and update will be posted shortly. It is meant to replace having to use flashlights with the one end unscrewed to communicate with spirits and eliminate the potential for a false positive.



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