Self Help Info

The information provided on this page is meant to aid individuals experiencing paranormal events that may be frightening or threatening to them. It is not intended to replace having help from a Paranormal Investigation Team or other trained Paranormal Service team.

This information is not considered to be an all inclusive list but merely a way to help people during the interim until help can be obtained.

  • Don’t show fear. Fear is a powerful energy source and can actually fuel the entity. Remain calm. If necessary go outside to get your emotions in check.
  • Never throw Holy Water about and threaten the entity to leave or else
  • Never challenge the entity in any way.
  • Don’t interact or communicate with the entity in anyway – this means don’t set up audio or video recorders – this sends mixed messages
  • Don’t use a Ouija board to communicate – you have no way of knowing who you are interacting with so best to just not open up that line of communication
  • Don’t attempt to remove the entity on your own
  • If your activity is not aggressive or harmful, consider just co-existing with it. Sometimes you can fuel activity or aggression simply because you interact with it.

Things you can do are:

  • Say protection prayers (you can use holy water to bless yourself during your prayers)
  • Perform a protection visualization
  • Sage the house (but don’t challenge the entity during the cleansing) and don’t seal the house after saging since you might trap the entity inside.
  • Place a bowl of salted water in the room where you saged to help remove residual negativity.
  • Call for help

Many times people report paranormal activity in which they feel attacked. Performing a protection visualization process along with protection prayers may lessen the activity and protect the individual from additional activity/attacks while they seek help. This process can be used on pets, children or anyone unable to perform the process themselves.

Click on this link for -> Visualization Process

Here are some Prayers and Psalms

This is a basic sage ritual and some prayers that can be said while saging. This is only one basic approach.

PIRC makes no claim that any of these guidance documents will resolve your problem nor  are these the only methods to perform protection or cleansing of one’s location. This information is meant only to help an individual until they can seek other guidance.


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