Forum back as test run

I’ve been missing the forum so I’ve decided to put it back up. My aim is to take it completely out of wordpress but for now I’ve put it back. I’ll give it a trial run to see if there is any interest. You must be a registered user to post. All are welcomed to view.

3 thoughts on “Forum back as test run

  1. Barb, as I said I am really bad with computers. In the “For Your Eyes Only” section, where can you post a comment. I couldn’t find it.

    • Diane you should be able to post a comment in any of the forum locations. It doesn’t really matter what you post under a topic – this is just for us. The members only areas are just so we can talk without it going public.
      Post where you want – no one will give you grief LOL

      Remember you have to be logged in to post.

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