White Hill Mansion

Many thanks to Dawn Reichard of White Hill Mansion for hosting our 2017 event. We had a wonderful time – we already talking about a return trip. Thanks Pirc team for a memorable evening.

PIRC presentation at Valley Cottage Library

Just a reminder that PIRC will be giving a presentation at the Valley Cottage Library in Valley Cottage, NY on Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 7pm.

It is labeled as a teen event but all are welcomed. There is a registration so if you are interested click here to go to the registration.

Address: 110 New York 303, Valley Cottage, NY 10989
“The Paranormal Investigators of Rockland County are experts who investigate local paranormal activity. Their presentation will include how and why they conduct investigations as well as sharing some of the actual evidence they have collected.”

New content for members only

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve created 2 new forms under our members only pages.

One is for suggesting Paid Event locations and one is for Suggesting Urban Locations. I hope this makes it easier for you to submit your input on future investigations.

Forum back as test run

I’ve been missing the forum so I’ve decided to put it back up. My aim is to take it completely out of wordpress but for now I’ve put it back. I’ll give it a trial run to see if there is any interest. You must be a registered user to post. All are welcomed to view.

SS Salem Photos now online

The photos from our pre-investigation tour on the SS Salem are now online here. A few photos from our visit to Boston’s Quincey Market can be found here. Once evidence review is completed that will be posted.

Many thanks to Pirc’s Kimberly for these wonderful photos. Thanks to the Pirc team for a great time and investigation.

Special thanks to the security team aboard the SS Salem for job well done.

the Pirc Team

SS Salem here we come

Well we’re off to Quincey, MA to investigate aboard the cruiser the SS Salem.

It’s going to be a fun time and hopefully we’ll get something interesting.

I’ll catch you all up when we get back on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Just wanted to take the time to wish all our family, friends and visitors a very happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that each and everyone of you are in my life.

Be happy. Be healthy.

And don’t eat too much! LOL

Shanley Hotel Investigation nearly here

Well our group investigation of the Shanley hotel is almost upon us. I can tell you this…

I am very psyched. It’s going to be a blast. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have more Pirc team mates up there with us.

Perhaps the next group investigation will have more of us.

In any event I’m splitting my time getting things ready, reviewing and working on a new combination IR/UV light. I bought a full spectrum camera and I really need to get this light completed. It will be an essential piece to have for the night.

I will have lots to post when I get back. Geez – I’ll have 2 private investigations and 2 group ones to put up. I’ve writing up Fort Mifflin and try to post a little soon. If not under investigations perhaps in the Forum. I’ll definitely post much more after next week.

Just wanted to give you all a little teaser. Talk to you soon. Barb

PIRC Forum now available

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new addition to the PIRC website. I’ve added a forum which is available from the menu bar. You must be a registered user to post but that is simple. Just click on the registration link to get started. All users are welcomed.
This is just another way for our followers to get involved and make the pirc-ny.com website a fun place to visit.
PIRC members should use their website login IDs. Email Barbara if you have any questions.

Fort Mifflin, PA


Just a quick note (I promise there will be a more detailed write up)

Well Fort Mifflin was amazing at night. If you’ve never been there, it’s pretty amazing during the day but at night it takes on a whole new perspective. Going into those Casemates at night can be a daunting experience.

For those who know me, my arachnophobia was trying to stop me from charging in (and you thought I’d be afraid of the ghosts – they were the least of my worries) but in the end I conquered it and entered all the areas. (Ok so I refused to get close to the iron fence but technically that wasn’t part of the investigation. Brrrrrrrrr there were too many spiders hanging out there for me to get close.)

My favorite area had to be Casemate 11 in spite of the close quarters. It was just a creepy place. Hard to believe they used it as a solitary confinement area. It was small, tight and very unpleasant if you were to be imprisoned. Thankfully we could come and go at will.

I’m in the process of reviewing our audio, video and pictures. I should have something up by next week. I’ve already started writing up our report and my experience. Bev and Kelly will hopefully share their experiences as well.

Many thanks to Mary G and Steve S for a well planned and amazing event. Also a personal thanks to all the paranormal investigators that shared the night with us. It was great meeting you all and perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to join again in the future.

A special thanks to Frank for taking the time to show me his full spectrum camera setup. It’s convinced me that full spectrum is not out of my budget while I save for that elusive thermal imaging equipment.

More to follow…

Truth Travelers with Mary G and Steve Shockley

Anyone wising to follow Mary G and Steve S can hear them host their Truth Travelers show every Thursday on Uber Radio Network.

You can also follow her on Facebook.

Mary and Steve host many paranormal events. Check back often for news concerning them.