Forum back as test run

I’ve been missing the forum so I’ve decided to put it back up. My aim is to take it completely out of wordpress but for now I’ve put it back. I’ll give it a trial run to see if there is any interest. You must be a registered user to post. All are welcomed to view.

Shanley Hotel Investigation nearly here

Well our group investigation of the Shanley hotel is almost upon us. I can tell you this…

I am very psyched. It’s going to be a blast. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have more Pirc team mates up there with us.

Perhaps the next group investigation will have more of us.

In any event I’m splitting my time getting things ready, reviewing and working on a new combination IR/UV light. I bought a full spectrum camera and I really need to get this light completed. It will be an essential piece to have for the night.

I will have lots to post when I get back. Geez – I’ll have 2 private investigations and 2 group ones to put up. I’ve writing up Fort Mifflin and try to post a little soon. If not under investigations perhaps in the Forum. I’ll definitely post much more after next week.

Just wanted to give you all a little teaser. Talk to you soon. Barb

Solution for Green Hyperlinked Words

Firefox users I have found a solution for getting rid of those green double underlined words that have a hyperlink to a manufacturer. This is also posted in the forum.

You can basically opt out of having the manufacturers link show by mousing over the green word and clicking the ? on the upper right then following the instructions to opt out on the page that gets opened.

Make sure you check the box before entering the captcha code and submitting. You should see a confirmation that you have opted out successfully.

Pass this along to anyone you know who doesn’t appreciate the manufacturers using our websites as free advertising.


PIRC Forum now available

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new addition to the PIRC website. I’ve added a forum which is available from the menu bar. You must be a registered user to post but that is simple. Just click on the registration link to get started. All users are welcomed.
This is just another way for our followers to get involved and make the website a fun place to visit.
PIRC members should use their website login IDs. Email Barbara if you have any questions.