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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new addition to the PIRC website. I’ve added a forum which is available from the menu bar. You must be a registered user to post but that is simple. Just click on the registration link to get started. All users are welcomed.
This is just another way for our followers to get involved and make the pirc-ny.com website a fun place to visit.
PIRC members should use their website login IDs. Email Barbara if you have any questions.

7 thoughts on “PIRC Forum now available

  1. Hi everyone– I’ve got a list (pending permissions) of places to investigate as a group or in 2s or 3s…. I’m eager to get back into investigating and I’m looking for a partner or to join group….. Barbara? Anyone interested? Thanks all. –Kathryn

  2. I had an experience at Ft. Mifflin which was shared by everyone in the room and recorded. We were in a casemate and had thrown a glow stick on the floor by the entrance and marked its position; that way we could see, of course, if something passed in front of it. About 9 of us sat on tables and stared at the door but it was the glow stick itself that moved! It rose a foot off the floor and spun around approximately 3 times, then fell back on the floor. We all agreed that we saw the same phenomenon and check the location where it landed which was a few feet from where we placed it. Cameras in the room verified that the stick was moved.

  3. Well, I’m a little late posting on Ft. Mifflin. Have been crazy busy and haven’t even begun to do review. But wanted to say that Ft. Mifflin is an awesome place to
    investigate! It has plenty of history, of course, but it also has it share of Ghost Stories
    and legends! Am sure I will get back there. On a side note, Barbara, Kelly, Rusty (my husband) and myself had quite a good time at the Hotel bar enjoying snacks and drinks before the Investigation! Will post notes on review as I finish!

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