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I received some good responses to the Orb posting and some people even say they have some interesting photos. So I’d like to open up a page for other people to send in their paranormal photos for me to post. Once I receive I’ll put up a page with them on it. Please make sure the photos relate to the paranormal in some way. I’ll post your name next to them for credit so please be sure to include how you want the photo credit to be listed.

5 thoughts on “Share your paranormal photos

  1. Very interesting piece of footage. It looks like it lites up and goes away at the same point as the background is illuminated but if you look closely you can still see the object in the darkness after it leaves the lit area. That would kinda make me think it isnt creating it own lite source. I am sorta on the fence on this one cause it does have such a strange movement, but I am sorta leans towards some kind of dirt. Great piece of footage, thanks for sharing it.

  2. I have a short video clip of something we captured that I would love to debunk and see what others opinions are of it.
    It was taken in an old Inn which is closed now. It was winter and no heat in the building so no bugs. This does not resemble dust to me, everyone was standing still at the time and we had no dust appear in any other photos so I am not sure what this could be. It is in an area known to be where a young girl is found. She passed there in a fire in the late 1800’s and has been known to hold your hand or hug you. I would appreciate any comments you might have for or against this.

    • Wow that is very different indeed. It sure doesn’t behave like dust at all. If it was winter and there was no possibility for bugs (not that it behaved like a bug either) it seems it could fall into the paranormal class. For me anyway. I watched it several times. It was very interesting the way it behaved. Pretty cool.

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