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Truth Travelers every Thursday 7pm - 8pm EST

The Shockley family originated from Stratford Upon Avon, England; having immigrated to the United States in the late 1600's. Steve Shockley, a direct descendant, has always had a deep passion for history, and has spent a lifetime learning from those who preceded him in this land. His first "paranormal" experience in 1975, with a face to face confrontation with a malevolent demonic spirit that was oppressing his 2 year old daughter. With an accelerated motivation to protect his family, Steve quickly learned how to tap into the higher power that has absolute dominion over all things, both secular and spiritual.

With the demonic force eradicated, Steve left the spirit world to itself for a many years, until learning of a phenomena called EVPs, which rekindled his curiosity. Forever a skeptic at heart, Steve had to know for himself if these stories and/or events were fact or fabrication, and ended up blazing into the world of paranormal investigation. Ultimately, Steve teamed up with like minded Mary Gasparo, together investigating and documenting the paranormal, as well as partnering as co-hosts of a radio show called "Truth Travelers", which airs on the Uber Radio network Thursday evenings from 7 to 8 PM, EST.

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