New City Investigation Report online

I’ve posted the New City investigation report. This report is redacted in accordance with the confidentiality agreement. The evp evidence will be going up throughout the next 2 weeks. I hope you will enjoy it.

3rd set of Hillburn, NY #2 evps now posted

The next set of evps from our Hillburn, NY #2 investigation can be found here under PircBev.

This investigation yielded the most evps to date of any investigation we have performed. There is still several sets to be posted since every investigator that brought a digital audio recorder found evps.

Enjoy them and feel free to comment.

Hillburn Report & Videos now online

The Hillburn Investigation report and videos are now online.

This is the link to the report page and this is the video page.

Fort Mifflin, PA


Just a quick note (I promise there will be a more detailed write up)

Well Fort Mifflin was amazing at night. If you’ve never been there, it’s pretty amazing during the day but at night it takes on a whole new perspective. Going into those Casemates at night can be a daunting experience.

For those who know me, my arachnophobia was trying to stop me from charging in (and you thought I’d be afraid of the ghosts – they were the least of my worries) but in the end I conquered it and entered all the areas. (Ok so I refused to get close to the iron fence but technically that wasn’t part of the investigation. Brrrrrrrrr there were too many spiders hanging out there for me to get close.)

My favorite area had to be Casemate 11 in spite of the close quarters. It was just a creepy place. Hard to believe they used it as a solitary confinement area. It was small, tight and very unpleasant if you were to be imprisoned. Thankfully we could come and go at will.

I’m in the process of reviewing our audio, video and pictures. I should have something up by next week. I’ve already started writing up our report and my experience. Bev and Kelly will hopefully share their experiences as well.

Many thanks to Mary G and Steve S for a well planned and amazing event. Also a personal thanks to all the paranormal investigators that shared the night with us. It was great meeting you all and perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to join again in the future.

A special thanks to Frank for taking the time to show me his full spectrum camera setup. It’s convinced me that full spectrum is not out of my budget while I save for that elusive thermal imaging equipment.

More to follow…