PIRC New City Library Presentation

Don’t forget Pirc will be giving a presentation at the New City Library this coming Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 7pm.

Location: 220 N. Main Street, New City, NY 10956

Hope to see you all there.

2014 Evps & Video online

Some of our recent 2014 case evidence is up online. Check out the new evps & video. More to follow.

It’s been a very busy year for us. I have a lot of evidence to post from 2014 & 2013 – bear with me – it will all be available soon.  Meantime check these Evps and Videos out.

Barbara’s WRCR interview with Jeff Lewis

In case you missed my interview last Friday – you can check out a clip from Jeff Lewis’s show here.

Lost Evidence files

I’ve been going through investigation evidence I put on my external drive and I’ve discovered clips that I never put up on the website. As I put the pages up I will post links but if you missed the previous links check these out

SS Salem
Hillburn NY #2
Miss Fanny’s

Pirc members only pages

Hey Pirc members

I’ve noticed since the move to the vps that after you sign in and go to the website you may not see our members only pages at first. I’ve had to refresh the page at least once sometimes 2x. It’s happened to a few others too. I suspect its the cache and the virtual server. Report any anomalies please.


PIRC gets an upgrade

We have been having some performance issues with the site. I’m happy to announce that we have upgraded our service to a new optimized version and the website is humming along now.

Visitors should now find the speed and access to the components much faster. I hope this makes your visit a fun, pleasurable one. Enjoy our content.

New Letchworth Sequin Hall, Hospital, Power house photos

Come view



Pirc Members with Safari report problems

Pirc members using Safari may encounter some visibility problems with members only pages from the home page. It has been reported that even after logging in the members only pages were not visible in the drop down when on the home page. If you mouse over a menu or switch to a different page the members only pages will then become visible. I’m guessing this incompatibility is a result of the recent wordpress update with Safari. I’m pretty sure once Safari has its next update this problem will vanish or at least I hope. If any is having any site problems please report them to me so I can investigate and fix. Thanks