Hillburn, NY #2 March 17, 2012 Video

We had a dvr malfunction the night of this investigation so there was no dvr evidence found, however we did run two static drop cameras. One camera was placed in a walk through closet that led from one room to another. During set up we caught this piece of evidence. You can hear the investigators setting up and you hear them in the back room while this door moves.  You should note that no investigators were in the other room and we have since been back to this location and did everything we could to replicate what you will see. We were unable to debunk this.

One of the things we tried to do to debunk this was open and close the back room door multiple times. Nothing we did could get the door to move at all. We opened it fast trying to create a suction, we closed the door quickly but nothing moved the door and if  you look at the door knob it moves up and down after the door moves, not during. Nothing we could think of would make the knob do that.


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