Miss Fanny’s September 15, 2012 – Video

Below are 2 video clips of our investigation at Miss Fanny’s that was misplaced. I’ve uploaded now for you to enjoy.

We left the dvr to run all night, and even though some of us we actually watching this unfold we didn’t catch what had actually happened until we reviewed the footage.

Let me set this up for you. 2 of our investigators stayed in the upstairs bedroom. This was Rob’s first investigation. He’s the one on the bed. The one on the floor is Kevin.Rob was quite nervous about staying in this ‘haunted’ room. He also had a problem with the Linda Blair statue which is why it is facing the wall. Kevin had been kidding him, trying to scare him when Rob heard a noise.

Unbeknownst to the both of them was that the statue of Linda Blair had moved. That’s this first clip. Keep you eye on the Linda Blair statue. Enjoy.

After Kevin investigated and found nothing, he was trying to calm Rob down. In this next clip you will hear a click, just as Rob did. If you watch edge of the door you will start to see the line widen as the door opens. The door doesn’t open all the way but crack does form. Enjoy.

There is additional footage left to review from our Miss Fanny’s visit – believe it or not. LOL.

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