2014 Evps

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All clips are the original unaltered clips unless noted. Any Evp that is enhanced will have a note and the original file we be provided for comparison. The only reason we enhance a file is to make it easier to listen to without a headset.  No other manipulations have been performed.

Please be aware we had to remove our current audio player, as a result evps do not show a player but show a link which you can click on. The file will open and play. To return to this page please hit the back button.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are working on building back access to this audio evidence.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

Nanuet, NY – March 29, 2014

The following is a representation of the many clips we found that night.

This is the amplied clip. It sounds to us like it’s saying ‘hard, hard’

This is the original clip

We asked if the spirit knew that the homeowners did not remove their home and we received this answer. The first clip the ‘yes’ is amplified.

This is the original clip

This room was totally unoccupied all night as it was one of the children’s rooms. You can hear movement within the room even though no one is present. The team can be heard in the background conducting the investigation. This clip is the original.

This was also found in the same children’s room. You can clearly hear the entity say the name “Mark” although no one in the house is named Mark. Perhaps he is speaking to another spirit.

The following clip is original and a whisper that sounds like a drawn out ‘yessssss’ in response to my question. We did not hear it during the investigation.

In this clip it seems that 2 different spirits answer us. The first a female says ‘yes’ right after the question and then a male who says ‘no’ at the end. Click

More may be posted later.

Suffern, NY #2 – May 3, 2014

This first clip is from upstairs and occurred when we were all downstairs. It seems the entity was trying to answer our question.

Enhanced file

Original file

This whisper sounds like its telling us to ‘get out’ a response we also got on our preliminary investigation. File is amplified.

Original file

In this clip you can hear us talking in the background. Someone clearly wanted us to be quiet. The file is unaltered.

This clip is from set up. You can hear someone say ‘hey’ in the early part and then ‘ahhhh’ just before Kelly says my name. Click

This was a tough investigation for me. Normally I am not affected by spirit but whenever I was upstairs I was sick and light-headed. More than once I had to remove myself from the investigation.

This clip is from a spirit box session when I asked if they were the ones messing with me. This first file has noise reduction to lower the spirit box scanning noise. Click for enhanced


This file is another spirit box file. I ask if they can repeat their answer and they respond sure. You will notice it sounds like the previous voice. The enhanced version has had noise reduction to reduce scanning noise. Click

Original file


Staten Island, NY – July 12, 2014

We did not hear any of these at the time.

In this clip the investigator asks if the spirit is standing next to her and the spirit answers very clearly. Click

In this clip you can hear someone tell us to ‘stay back’

In this clip you hear me telling the spirit we are not there to hurt them and they yell ‘out’. I’ve provided the original and an enhanced version.



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