PIRC gets an upgrade

We have been having some performance issues with the site. I’m happy to announce that we have upgraded our service to a new optimized version and the website is humming along now.

Visitors should now find the speed and access to the components much faster. I hope this makes your visit a fun, pleasurable one. Enjoy our content.

New Letchworth Sequin Hall, Hospital, Power house photos

Come view



Pirc Members with Safari report problems

Pirc members using Safari may encounter some visibility problems with members only pages from the home page. It has been reported that even after logging in the members only pages were not visible in the drop down when on the home page. If you mouse over a menu or switch to a different page the members only pages will then become visible. I’m guessing this incompatibility is a result of the recent wordpress update with Safari. I’m pretty sure once Safari has its next update this problem will vanish or at least I hope. If any is having any site problems please report them to me so I can investigate and fix. Thanks

Letchworth Village

Had an interesting walk through on Sunday – At Lincoln Hall we were looking through a window when we heard a door creak open. The thing is Lincoln Hall is battened up tight. No way in – so it wasn’t human. Didn’t have my recorder running

While looking in the window on one of the other buildings we heard footsteps. And as it turns out the audio from the power house area is chock full of evps. Can’t wait to finish listening to the files.

Check out this panoramic scene from the grave yard.

Letchworth Graveyard

New content for members only

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve created 2 new forms under our members only pages.

One is for suggesting Paid Event locations and one is for Suggesting Urban Locations. I hope this makes it easier for you to submit your input on future investigations.

PIRC Forum

The Pirc forum has been taken down. I originally thought people would post and enjoy but it wasn’t as popular as I had hoped and way too much to deal with. Many thanks to all those who used the forum and participated in the discussions. I really appreciate you support. As a result I’ve closed open registration for our site. I’ll handle requests to post on the blog as they come. All those with registration IDs will still have access. Thanks again. Barb

Lots of evidence coming

Just wanted to let you all know that I have a lot of evps and other interesting things to post come the New Year. We concluded several investigations that I never posted the evidence we found. The year just got away from me but I’ll be posting some interesting stuff in the next few weeks. Looking forward to a busy year ahead of us.
Many thanks to our clients for all their support and compliments. We really appreciate it and we’re glad we were able to help out.
Many thanks to Mike from Burn Brae and a special thank you to Julia from Miss Fanny’s. It was awesome. We’re looking forward to visiting again this year.