New City Investigation evps – Letchworth evps now online

The New City residential investigation evps are now online here – check them out

Some of the Letchworth evps are online here – more to follow soon.

We will never forget

Pirc would like to extend it’s condolences to the friends and families of

the brave men, women and animals who gave their lives on this day.

And to all the hero’s who perished

you will forever be in our hearts and we will never


News update and Story

Hi there
I’m in the process of posting our New City evps and thought I’d start a series of stories about my ghostly experiences. The first one is up now here.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

The evps will be up soon.


Congrats USA Athletes

Just wanted to say great job to ALL of our USA athletes participating in the 2012 games – what a wonderful accomplishment to be in the Olympics.

And a big congrats to all of our medal winners.

We’re proud of all of you!!

New City Investigation Report online

I’ve posted the New City investigation report. This report is redacted in accordance with the confidentiality agreement. The evp evidence will be going up throughout the next 2 weeks. I hope you will enjoy it.

Burn Brae video is now online

Hi all – just wanted to tell you that the Burn Brae video is online now. (I may have a straggle or 2 coming) Next is the SS Salem stuff. I’ve been busy with some residential investigations and they always take precedent. So go check out the new stuff.