Burn Brae Mansion – Video – February 18, 2012

The following video was obtained during our investigation of the Burn Brae Mansion. I will note when ever the video has been slowed or annotated. This is only done to make viewing easier.

I’m trying something new and presenting the files as links. I’m doing this for several reasons: viewers take time to load and links will make the page load quickly and also be available to smart phones. When you click on the link your device will load the appropriate viewer to play the file. Iphone compatible files will be identified. I’m having some problems with the iphone compatible files bear with me please.

This video was captured downstairs while we were having dinner. The camera was facing the trophy room. We have called all these types of entities ‘runners’.  I have slowed down the video and annotated the file so you know where to look. The ‘runner’ appears around time stamp 19:45:01. It moves from the center to up and left.

Regular speed and annotated

capture2 short reg speed1b annotated

Slow speed and annotated

capture2 slow speed annotated

This clip happens upstairs in the hall near base station. It is an orb clip but before you judge it check it out. This “orb” behaves very intelligently. Just as Kevin comes out of base station the “orb” starts down the hall on the upper left but turns into the wall when Kevin appears. He is getting something to eat and is just out of the camera’s view for several seconds. A few seconds after you see him go back into base the ‘orb’ exits the wall and travels down the hall disappearing into the ceiling. Let us know what you think.

orb avoids Kevin_mpeg2video

This clip takes place in the downstairs dining room. Kimberly and Jason are trying to debunk the ghost meter behind Kimberly sort of on the table you can see another of our ‘runners’ move left to right toward her. Interestingly as they sat Kimberly constantly looked over her shoulder sensing something and in fact right after the ‘runner’ she looks nervously behind her once again.

table runner annotated2

♦ This clip takes place in the attic over night. Near the rafters a strange light appears to loop down then up and out of site.

weird light loops annotated





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