New City, NY – Evps – June 16, 2012

The following clips were obtained during the residential investigation in New City, NY that was conducted on June 16, 2012.

Any Evp that is enhanced will have a note. The only reason we modify a file is to make it easier to listen to without a headset. Please note that not all the evps found at a particular site have been listed. The “words” are what we think is being said but you may hear something different. We encourage you to share what you think you hear.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

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Please be aware we had to remove our current audio player, as a result evps do not show a player but show a link which you can click on. The file will open and play. To return to this page please hit the back button.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

There were a number of times we had breaths right next to the microphones. We are only including a few. This is one of them.

Office – which was unoccupied at the time. Breath

This evp comes right after my talking. I was in the room fixing an inline mic and talking to myself. It sounds like it was trying to mimic me. Click

This sounds like a child’s voice. The section has been amplified for easier listening. Click for voice

This is another long breath right into the mic. Click for breath

A Bedroom

We ask if they can tell us their name and we get a response. We think we hear ‘Katie’. The section is amplified. Click for name

We ask the spirit to make a noise and we get a response. Click for noise

We hear a female voice. Some think it says ‘get out’ but it’s difficult to tell. Click for voice


This bang was heard during setup. Click for bang

This file is amplified. Click noise amplified

This next series of files are the investigators asking for responses and then asking for additional confirmation. In all they got what they asked for. The files are amplified.

Click for noise 1

Click for noise 2

Click for noise 3

Another Bedroom

The tap is amplified. Click for tap


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