Letchworth Village – Theills, NY – Evps

Evps obtained


The audio player status bar is not working but the player will play entire clips

These clips came from the hospital.

As I was talking and we hear a loud bang and react saying it’s creepy when a spirit asks ‘Who are you?’


As we were walking my colleague was obviously too close for comfort. 


While in the basement of Stewart hall my mel meter came on. At the start you can hear someone say ‘you didn’t’ just before I say, I didn’t realize I turned that on. They clearly anticipated my reaction.   

These were from the cemetery.

This evp came in response to a question I asked. It is clear that the spirit was polite and aware.

This one is the original


This one is enhanced


This one is very strange. It sounds like a door or perhaps a coffin opening.


I was reading the names off of any graves with a headstone. This gentleman said his name. It sounds like it could be ‘Carl or Paul’ but it’s not clear.







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