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This will be where all Pirc related documents will reside.

New Client Documentation Guidance

The process guide is designed to walk you through the process taken for all stages of a residential investigation. It guides you through the initial contact from a client which includes our preliminary assessment,  preliminary research & visit, Investigation preparation, the Investigation, post Investigation work and the reveal to the client.


The questionnaire is meant to help you gather information during your initial contact with the client. (may be your 1st or 2nd conversation). It is not essential to follow the guide in order. As you speak with the client you should be able to fill most of the questionnaire out. Before hanging up ask any question not answered during the call. Not all categories/questions are applicable every time. You will need to use your judgement. This is meant as a guide and to help you.

If you are recommending a client try to have as much of this information as possible available to help to determine if the case warrants our attention.


The prelim team process guide is meant to help you with performing the steps leading up to and including the preliminary investigation. The guide contains links to many useful sites for research etc.

Prelim Team Process Guide

The confidentiality agreement is for the client to sign. This represents their comfort with what we can and can not do with the evidence collected during an investigation. It is not essential for them to let us use the evidence but it is mandatory to have the form signed before we leave the reveal.

PIRC confidentiality clear rev2

Member Documents

PIRC waiver v3 2014-s

PIRC Code v3 

Paranormal Investigations handbook v1.3

Non-member Handbook for Events

Non members are required to read and sign off on the non-member handbook and the Pirc waiver documents

PIRC non-member handbook v1_2

Training Documents


Equipment Orientation v2 

EVP Team

Research Team

New Investigator Training Manual-v1 

Guidance Documents

Visualization Process v2 

Evp Questions

Protection herbs 

Client Sage Ritual and cleansing instructions 

New Member Documents

Pirc New Investigator Application v1-11

PIRC Training Manual-x


Opening and Closing Prayer v2

Client Prayer Listing v2 


All Prayers

Prayers For Investigators and Clergy Under Attack

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