Fort Mifflin, PA July 16, 2011

Fort Mifflin, PA July 16, 2011

On July 16th Pirc members Barbara, Kelly, Bev and Rusty (Bev’s husband) met up with Truth Travelers Mary Gesparo and Steve Shockley at Fort Mifflin, PA.

There were approximately 20 paranormal investigators from various parts of the country that met for this investigation.

Investigators were divided into groups so that cross-contamination could be managed and to ensure that all groups had the same investigating opportunities.

Bev and Rusty were in Lady V’s group and Kelly and I were in Steve Shockley’s group.

Schedule assignment were as follows but the order was different for each group:

  • Casemate #11 and Torpedo room
  • Officer’s Quarters and Powder Room
  • Casemates 1-5 and Ammo Room
  • Black Smith shop and Sally Ports

A representative of Fort Mifflin took a few of us on a short tour designed at pointing out the high spots for activity. Then we reassembled back at base station where the evenings events were kicked off with a Skype call from California with ” Marla Brooks ” who performed a blessing and a special prayer aimed at helping us attract the Fort Mifflin spirits.

After that the groups dispersed and began ghost hunting. Some people came back from Casemate #5 with a photo they believed to contain a face, however upon closer inspection we discovered the “face” was a result of matrixing a discoloration in the fireplace and not paranormal. You can view those photos under the evidence  at the bottom of the page.

There were a few extraordinary photos captured. These can be found here in the Fort Mifflin evidence page.

While Pirc found no evp’s the members had several personal experiences throughout the evening and walked away with a wonderful experience.


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