Fort Mifflin, PA Photos July 16, 2011

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The photos presented here are not presented as proof of the paranormal. PIRC presents these photos as containing interesting images.  No photos have been doctored. Some photos may have the addition of an “arrow” but this will in no way affect the quality of the original photo.

During our investigation I snapped these photos.

I must say that I’m on the fence about orbs as is many in the paranormal field however I am going to post a few photos which contain orbs that I find interesting. I’m not going to say these are paranormal. I found them interesting however you are free to make whatever determination of them you’d like

This photo is the one that is the subject of my blog on orbs. Just to set this up. I was standing in the door to the blacksmith shop when I heard a voice yell out. Initially I thought one of the paranormal groups were outside calling to us. When I leaned out there was no one but I got the distinct feeling I was being watched from the hill so I snapped a series of photos.

This one has several dust orbs which are clearly dust, however amidst the dust orbs was this very bright one and the orange ones. Now I’m not sure what sort of materials create the colored orbs (see post in blog by Tim Doyon – thanks for you input Tim) but this is my first picture with regular dust orbs, an illuminated orb and orange orbs all in the same photo. Since this photo was prompted by the woman’s voice I heard I found it interesting.

Bev took these following photos with her group at Fort Mifflin. We found them very interesting since we had never seen this phenomena before. We reviewed these carefully and we believe that the yellow lines are natural photo anomalies due to digital photography and shutter speed and not paranormal. We believe it is so important to review and try to explain any phenomena you get.


This was in the torpedo room.

    Lady V has graciously given us permission to use her image. Thanks you Lady V.

 The following photo is very strange due to the way the white spreads over and up across Lady V. We originally thought it might be someone’s flashlight, however if you study the photo you will see that the ‘white’ is very odd shaped (see the pointy part and way it is rounded and dips down then cascades upward from the flap) and does not appear from a source of light. Part of it is see through (note the pink band flap) There were no other individuals in the room with them to provide an extraneous source of light. We have been unable to determine if this is paranormal in nature or there was a logical explanation for the flare.

Bev indicated that Lady V had a reaction at this time and felt unable to move. So much so that Bev had to go to her aid.


This set of photos were captured in Casemate #5 – people who took these photos all night were sure they had captured a face in the fireplace, however this is a perfect example of matrixing. The “image” was a discoloration in the fireplace that was replicated by all who took the photo.

You can view larger images by clicking on the image and then scrolling through them.

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