Suffern, NY #1 video August 5, 2011

The following clips represent anomalies found during our August 2011 investigation. Pirc does not claim that any of these video clips are proof of the paranormal but we have deemed them of interest and presented them here for your review.

Attempts were made to debunk this first clip; however upon investigation there could be no explanation found.

This clip shows somthing falling from upper right to left in front of the lens. The coat rack resides on the left and can be seen in the clip. There is nothing on the wall behind the camera and nothing on the ceiling. The object appears to have substance but remains unknown. All investigators were accounted for during this time. The object drops appoximately at the 12 second mark on the counter.


This clip is of an orb that comes from behind the camera on left side and goes into the wall. At the beginning a small orb can be seen at the top this is not what we are presenting. What makes this interesting is how it penetrates the wall. I’m presenting this for review since this is an area the client has seen lights and Kelly had seen lights in the connecting room shortly before this occurs. The orb anomaly occurs at approximately the 33 second mark. This is the only orb captured on video the entire investigation. Only one other orb photo was found in all of the evidence. (this is not posted)

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