Suffern, NY photos August 5, 2011

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The following photos were taken during our Suffern, NY investigation.

We did attempt to debunk what we see, however we were unable to find any explanations for them. Pirc does not claim they are paranormal in nature but we have deemed them of interest and present them here for your review.

This first photo was taken in pitch darkness during the evp session where Barbara felt as if she’d been touched. It should be noted that this is the area where Bev & Kelly had empathetic reactions and Sherry became nauseous. It is presented in its original form and a cropped form.

Original Photo

Original photo

Cropped Photo

This photo showed some weird reflective anomalies. It should be noted that the IR camera was not facing the mirror and was across the room. There was nothing in the area that could have reflected these lines in the mirror. To date we have found no reason for the lines but have chalked them up to some type of IR interference. We present them here as interesting since we have not been able to duplicate them.

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