Miss Fanny’s Media Page September 28, 2013

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This grouping of pictures shows our dvr system screen. What you can see from these is that the door opening (see video clip below) does not occur as a result of Kim and I opening the downstairs bathroom. Also the 2nd floor hall light flashes on and off (see separate video clip below) well after Kim and I go downstairs.

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Miss Fanny’s Door opens – 3rd Floor Bedroom

This door opens shortly after Kim and I left the room. There had been a lot of strange KII activity prior to the door opening. Kim had felt very cold and we left to check for open windows as a source. We did get an evp here where a male voice says door just before the door opens. That evp is below the clip since it supports the activity. We did everything we could to debunk this phenomena. There was no logical explanation for the door opening on its own.


Door Evp – You can hear the male voice say door about 11 seconds in right after Bev says ‘there it is, there it is’. They were moving stuff off the bed as Kevin prepared to go sit on the floor when the door opened. Both original and enhanced versions are here.

[audio:https://www.pirc-ny.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/missfanniesdoorvoice.mp3|titles= door evp original]

[audio:https://www.pirc-ny.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/missfanniesdoorvoice-amp.mp3|titles= door evp enhanced]

Miss Fanny’s Hall Light – 2nd floor

Shortly after the door opened on the 3rd floor, the hall light on the 2nd floor flashed on and off. We were totally unaware this happened until we reviewed the dvr footage.

The sound is hard to hear but you can hear us walking down steps. We had been unaware that the door opened after we left the 3rd floor bedroom. We were in search of open windows (fyi we found none) due to feeling cold around us. As soon as we got to base Kelly informed us of the door opening. Also you can see we did not turn light on to go downstairs so there would be no reason to flick the light on/off well after we are downstairs.

There are only 2 switches for this light. One on the 2nd floor in view of the camera and one at bottom of stairs. All our investigators can be accounted for.


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