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Your members only posts will reside here – your members only media is now here – Thought it would be better for visability . This media page is a submenu of Members only. Just hover on the Menu at top and you’ll see it there too.

I’ve created a new members page for all our documents. They can be found in the drop down menu or here.

Hi team I had to remove the members only photo page because it’s giving me problems. Once I get it fixed I’ll put it back. July 31, 2013


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  1. Barb was awesome at last nights Presentation at New City Library. The room was packed, the audience loved it and the Library actually had to push people out at closing! GREAT presentation
    Barb!!!! Oh and great pens also!! 🙂

  2. Thanks to all for a great investigation tonight! Hope we got something, but if not, we had a good time! It was nice to finally meet you Rob and sorry about “the butterflies”

  3. Just wanted to say great job team on Saturdays investigation. Everything went smooth and everyone did excellent during the investigation. Let’s hope we get something to help out this family. We have lots to review, so if anyone has any extra time this week, I would contact Barb, to see if she could use some help. Thanks again!

  4. Hey guys

    I’m thinking about just posting a link on video’s rather than a player. This would then allow the window to load faster, I can use a larger file with better resolution and it will open or should open in the device you are using rather than me trying to find a format that works on all devices.

    What do you guys think on this? If you go to members media I’ve put 2 files up this way. Let me know.


  5. Just throwing this up for discussion cause I am not sure how far everyone has gotten into their review of the Salem material, but I really didn’t get a lot of audio and what I did get it seems that at least one or multiple people heard live. Do you think it is odd especially since it was so noisy with the weather that night? I expected to get more that we didn’t hear during the investigation. Just food for thought.

    • So far I have nothing on audio but I’m posting a video on our members only video section curious what you think.

      Plus big problems with the dvr system – We overwrote Bev’s investigation with the SS Salem however when I try to copy a piece of video off I get Bev’s house and not the SS Salem – I have to be creative to pull off any video. It’s going to be a real pain.

      Any way check out the video. There are actually 2 copies. One regular speed and one slow. I’ll post the regular one first. Then some time later I’ll post the other one.

      Can’t wait to get your impressions

  6. Well here is a heads up for you… Nyack Paranormal strikes again. It seems they posted a very lengthy message on face book concerning our photos from Ft. Mifflin with the light streaks. While we were not named per se the message quoted comments from my email to Mitch S. While he did not post the comment he chose to share my private emails with others and they posted the comments. I have addressed Mitch on this but from this point forward I will not be communicating with him. He believes he did nothing wrong and that his post was actually nice. Yes Bev I did hear from him. Enough said. I’m only sharing this in case this continues to rear it’s ugly head. I’ve removed any comment I made pertaining to Mitch’s opinions on our photos and have in fact posted a disclaimer about our content being property of PIRC and blah blah blah – you can see the comment at the bottom in a widget area and our evidence pages and investigation pages.

    I’ve already wasted far too much time with this guy. We have a very exciting event coming up and I don’t want this posting to damper our fun. If you should find yourself or Pirc the brunt of any commentary take it as a compliment. Obviously they are coming to our site and looking at our evidence. We must be doing something interesting to be attracting their attention. We will continue to be a quality group that exhibits a professional approach to the paranormal. I am proud to be associated with this group and all you guys. 🙂

    Now on to the SS Salem.

      • Guys, great news. Remember when I asked the spirit to contact me in a quieter manner. I believe it just did. (I believe it was that spirit) My shoe was leaning sideways against the other shoe. From the corner of my eye, I was watching the tv, I noticed movement and when I looked it was upright. Hopefully, no more banging. Oh my goodness, while I was just typing now, again from the corner of my eye, something moved quickly by me, and I got a chill up my spin, from what I could tell it was grayish and moved very fast. This is great! I’ll let you know if anything else happens.

  7. I can’t wait!!!! What a great weekend we have coming up, as long as we can keep Jason off the floor! hahahahaha!

    So looking forward a great night on the ship.

  8. Ok team it’s on to Quincey, MA – woot woot!!! Here we come SS Salem – ready or not.

    I’m getting so psyched – I think just being on a ship in the dark … all alone is going to be cool and creepy. And if we get some cool evps that would be outrageous.

  9. Hey Team,

    If anyone wants me to post their personal experiences for Burn Brae in a pdf format they can send me the text otherwise just post in the comments section. I’ve put mine up but I didn’t have much. Will start posting evidence as you send. I have a few video pieces that I’ll try to get up this weekend. Hope we get lots. 🙂 Barb

  10. Thanks Bev – I appreciate your support. Thanks for being my sounding board when I was so hyped and talking like a mile a minute about what had to be done. Geez was I talking fast or what and on an empty tank too. LOL.

    It has been a dubious week to say the least.


    Just one last page to update and I think we’re good to go then back to making gear.

    I am so jazzed about Burn Brae – woot woot. Can’t wait to see all my buds.

  11. Just wanted to send a Huge THANK YOU out to Barb for getting the site back up and running! I know the amount of sleep you lost and all of the work you did! Thank You! What would we do without you?

  12. Looking forward to a New Year of Excitement in our adventures!! Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and blessed New Year!! as Jason says “That’s a Wrap” 🙂

      • You know I’m always torn with how far is too far for the kids. I’ve always wanted to do a real slasher, bloody scene – I like the idea of killing santa and the reindeer off. I’ve also toyed with a butcher type scene with blood covered clothes and hacked body parts that look realistic with jello brains and heart that I could eat. Obviously I’ve curtailed my gorier side and pg-13’d the setup all these years.
        Maybe the year I do my final setup (which is coming soon) I’ll take the chance and gore the whole thing out for the night crew.

        This year is really scaled back. Hopefully the new ‘kids’ will love it. All the regulars have grown up and are off to college.

  13. Hurricane Irene,

    Hey Team, Hope all of you are safe and sound and weathered the storm without too
    much damage! We did fine here in Hillburn, though at this point cannot get in or out due to all roads flooded. We also had some leaking from our roof, but small beans.
    Other than that, we are good. Hoping that you are did as well!

    • We did really good most of the day then all of a sudden we lost lights. Found out a huge tree had fallen across the road on Campbell Ave. Sucks cause everything here operates on Electric. So we ordered out, picked up some coffee came home and played cards till finally the lights came on some 8 hours later. We consider ourselves lucky since a call to O&R said it might be days. Ouch!!
      Kelly’s job closed due to all that flooding – the East Hanover plant is closed down – Yeah!!!! With a little luck she’ll squeak another day out of it too – although I’m not getting my hopes up for that one. Anyway all is well here. Man Bev the thruway by you was practically gone. Geez.

  14. The more i listen too it did kinda sound like it was possibily 2 words. i didnt have head phones on so i may have to re-listen to it with phones on.
    Yeah, I can’t remember what that is called either! hahaha

  15. Yes that was me saying that I felt like I was being touched.
    I was downstairs with Sherry and I felt someone touch me. I jumped up of course thinking it might be a spider LOL and asked Sherry to just check. I feel based on the evp that in fact I had been touched.

    I saw on Paranormal challenge there is a name for when people say what they think an evp is and then others hear that same thing. Of course I don’t remember the name for it. LOL.

    Sherry thought that the evp said “Fucked Up” Kelly hear that too. I originally thought it said something like “Back up”

    I’m on the fence to what I really think it is saying. I’ll be curious to see what everyone thinks. Based on the fact that it might interpreted as a curse I won’t be posting this one online.

  16. I can see on the first two where you might be able to hear that and it’s interesting. But give a listen to the next two which are filtered to remove some of that humidifier noise and tell me what you think now.

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