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This is Barb’s interview on WRCR 1300 am radio from October 25, 2013

Photo sequence of door and light in 4 dvr view


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Miss Fanny’s Hall Light

Miss Fanny’s Door opens




Ok this is the video from the SS Salem I posted about. The anomaly occurs between 43 & 44 seconds. Click on links and it will open in its own window

ss salemcam1 Regular speed

ss salemcam1 file 2_x264 iphone compatible

The slow file is very slow but the anomaly still zips by fast.

ss salem cam1 shadow slow speed

ss salem cam1 shadow slow3_x264 – iphone compatible



These evps are from the Suffern investigation we just did.

This first one happened downstairs. It was Sherry and Barbara and I felt something touch me. I freaked thinking it was a spider. LOL. It wasn’t.

We got the evp on 2 different recorders.

This file is the long file. The evp occurs right after Sherry says she’s getting up.

[audio:|titles=dr1-54_33-54_38 mansvoice-long]

This is just the evp

[audio:|titles=dr1-54_33-54_38 mansvoice]

Ok here are a few more of this evp but from a different recorder – tell me what you all think now. These 2 are filtered to remove some of the background noise. The filter2 one is the clearest there is.

[audio:|titles=dr3-13_21-13_35 mans voice-filter1] [audio:|titles=dr3-13_21-13_35 mans voice-filter2]

This next one happened to Kelly sitting on the couch. The PC next to her shut down and I assumed it had gone into hibernation or sleep mode. The evp told a different story.

First one is not enhanced. It happens about 2 seconds in.

[audio:|titles=dr2-20_36-20_48 Power]

This one has the evp normalized to make it easier to hear

[audio:|titles=dr2-20_36-20_48 Power-norm]

4 thoughts on “Members – media

  1. I agree with you Jason. Is it possible though this entity was trying to form, but just didn’t have enough energy to actually form a human shape?

  2. I have looked at the video from the Salem a ton of times. I don’t really know how to explain it. It just looks like it forms in the middle of the hallway and then moves further down the hall. At some point we may have to see if we can recreate the situation and see if we can figure it out. If we can’t we will have to chalk it up as paranormal. What do you guys think?

  3. Barb

    I don’t understand how to view the videos you posted for the Salem investigation. Maybe next time I’m over you could show me. I am really stupid when it comes to pulling things up on the computer Thanks

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