Hillburn, NY # 1 July 19, 2011 Video

This first clip has a rather strange object that pops up into view. We have attempted to debunk it but to date have no explanation for the object. This occurred in the parlor while I (Barbara) was conducting a very active emf/evp session. The object seen popping up in the lower right hand corner was not observed during the session.


As a rule I would not normally upload any orb videos, however these particular orbs behaved in such a way that we deemed them of interest. I am only posting the most extraordinary of the orbs we found in our review. In no way does Pirc claim they are evidence of the paranormal. The home did not contain pets or bugs so these have been ruled out as possible causes. Additionally the orbs only occured in two locations (the stairs leading to the parlor (these are not posted) and in the parlor itself).

At no other time during the investigation review did we find any orb interaction other than when we had the extreme emf interactions in the parlor. It is the nature of the orb movement that made these of interest. You can see that at no time do the investigators react as if there are bugs around them.

It is for that reason that we chose to share these with you.

This strange orb travels up and down left side.


This next orb travels quite fast through the picture. You can see the ghost meter activity as it does.


These next 2 videos show an orb that flies into the picture above Barbara.

https://www.pirc-ny.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/HB-parlor-19_34_47-orb-into-picture.mov https://www.pirc-ny.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/HB-parlor-19_39_05-orb-in-picture2.mov

This video shows a variety of orb movement. This occurred at the close one of the most active emf interactions.


We were at the end of the evening when we caught the following orb movement. This first one is of an orb that travels into Kelly.


This last one shows a large fast moving orb then several smaller ones. We were wrapping things up for the night.




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