Hamburg, NJ October, 2010 Video

Hamburg, NJ October 29, 2010

This video was taken in the small bedroom of the client’s house.It should be noted that no one was in the room during these strange occurrences.

There was some strange electrical flashing that occurred on the doorknob for 5 minutes prior to this flash. It was felt that there was some sort of electrical build up happening. (An example of that will be posted as well)

The flash occurs from the bottom upward about 2 seconds into the clip. We know definitively this is not a camera flash. As a comparison included toward the end of the file is an example of what our camera flashes looked like. We were unable to find an explanation for this flash.

This clip show the strange flashing on the door knob just prior to the upward flash and how it intensified after. This flashing continued for quite some time and then ultimately disappeared just as quickly as it started.

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