Eastern State Penitentiary, PA Photos October 2007

ESP, PA Photos

ESP 10/2007

The following photos were taken by 2 different PIRC investigators at approximately same time from the same location. While examining all the photos from that day we spotted what we believe to be the image of a man standing in a cell. If you look at the photo, which has been enlarged and scaled keeping the aspect ratio perspective, you can clearly see the outline of a head, shoulders, back, waist and legs. A circle has been drawn to help you find the image. In the second photo no such image exists. The original photo has been included as well.

Original Photo rescaled and circled. (Photo 1) – image visible

2nd photo for comparison (Photo 2) – no image


Original Photo – Untouched (same as photo 1)



ESP 8/6/10

This photo was taken of the building outside of “The Hole”. If you look closely there appears to be a face in the lower left of the upstairs window.


This is the photo cropped and enlarged. An arrow has been added to help you find what we saw.


Was this the result of matrixing? We don’t know but it is interesting.

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