Pomona, NY Revisit March 2011 evps

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Pomona, NY Revisit – March 4, 2011 Case# 20101118-004 Evps

Any Evp that is enhanced will have a note. The only reason we amplify/normalize a file is to make it easier to listen to without a headset.  No other manipulations have been performed. Please note that not all the evps found at a particular site have been listed. The “words” are what we think is being said but you may hear something different. We encourage you to share what you think you hear.

The numbers represent the time elapsed from the digital recorder. Whenever I is used to describe the clip, it refers to Barbara.

DR1 – Upstairs Kitchen – Base Station

These words are unclear. Click to listen

Both of these evps sound like the word ‘how’ however they were recorded at different times.

Click to listen 1

Click to listen 2

Dr2 – Bedroom

During the session in the living room we were asking questions and never realized that the emf detector in the bedroom was responding. The following are 2 of those emf responses although the questions could not be heard on these.

Click to listen 1

Click to listen 2

This is the 3rd emf response and the question could be heard. The question asked is “Was that you Helen?” This was the team trying to decipher or attribute to “Helen” 2 evps that we picked up in our initial investigation of December 2010. (During the December investigation these were caught upstairs at the base station. One said ‘help me’ and the other ‘come here’.) You can hear the team in the living room asking the question. This recorder was next to the emf detector. We have this same response from the perspective of the living room.

Click to listen ’emf’

The bedroom was unattended all evening except for the one time we went in to check the emf detector. Both the digital recorder and the emf detector were situated in the center of the bed. The following sounds were not heard in the outer room but these sound like heavy breathy sounds right on the recorder.

Click to listen ‘breath sounds’

A moan can be heard while the investigators are talking. Click to listen ‘moan’

The following evp occurred while we were talking. It is clear that it is none of the investigators but obvious that I heard something out of the ordinary at the time.

Click to listen ‘gruff’

We got this creepy response on 2 different recorders. The giggle on the one in the living room sounds more distant while this one is louder. I was instructing the presence that after that evening there were to leave the family alone etc. My lead in dialog was “I ask you in the name of the Lord for it is Jesus who commands you …” – the response is unmistakable and was not heard at the time.

Click to listen ‘response’

The following evp sounds like a ‘ha’ or similar sound. Click to listen ‘ha’

Dr3 – Living room

The following sounds vaguely like a ‘thanks’ response. Click to listen ‘response’

This evp is very hard to understand but it might be ‘help me’. Click to listen ‘response’

This sounds like a hum. This is the full clip with no enhancement. The chime is the sound of the camcorder being switched on. Click to listen

This is the hum only and has been slightly enhanced. Click to listen

The giggle response from the living room perspective. Click to listen

This is the emf response to the “was that you Helen” question but from the living room so the emf detector is more faint. The other 2 emf buzzes were never heard from the living room. I remember commenting it was like she wanted to make sure we heard her this time. The first file is a longer version. Click to listen

This is just the question and emf response. Click to listen

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    • That’s why I like other’s impressions. It really does sound like that.

      Sometimes you hear one thing until someone else gives you their impression. Again that’s why it’s so important to get others feedback.

      Thanks Kathryn

  1. I may be wrong but it sounds to me on the DR1 Kitchen upstairs base station. The first one it sounds to me it is a male voice saying “grab him”……maybe?

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