Hillburn, NY #2 December 2, 2011 evps

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We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are working on building back access to an audio player for this audio evidence.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

We received a request to not issue a formal investigation report, however we have been granted permission to publish the evps from this investigation and we’d like to thank our client for allowing us to share these with you. The client did provide us with a comment on the investigation. You will need to scroll down to the residential investigations section for the comment.

At the beginning of the investigation several digital audio recorders were placed in rooms that had a history of unexplained events. As the night progress and investigators moved about or took breaks, some of rooms were left unoccupied for a length of time. Many of the clips below were obtained in these unoccupied rooms. Note some of the evps were picked up on several Pirc recorders. I submit the duplicates to give you the evp from a different perspective. There will be a note identifying these evps.

All clips are the original unaltered clips unless noted. I will post them grouped by investigator.  Click on the investigator to hear that group of clips. PircDrew, PircJason, PircBev, PircMain (these recorders were carried by several Pirc members.

The clip will be posted below any associated text. The ‘words’ we list is what we think we hear but you may hear something different. I encourage you to comment if you think you hear something else.

These were submitted by PircDrew.

Investigator Jason is speaking and indicating they are moving into the bedroom. It appears he is being mimicked by whatever was there. Click to listen

This clip is interesting in that both investigators were running recorders and we got the same evp on both. The other will appear under Pircmain DR#3’s evps.

The first is unenhanced. Click to listen

This is an enhanced version of the ‘Nick’ clip. Click to listen

This clip is not enhanced in any way. We think the word is either ‘freak’ or ‘break’. Click to listen

As Jason reads off the temperature readings, which were dropping, you can hear what appears to sound like ‘hey’. The clip is not enhanced. Click to listen

This evp is difficult to hear. Right after the beep and investigator says “what is that” you can hear the whisper. It sounds like ‘behind him, watch him’. The first clip is the original. Click to listen

This is just the whisper isolated and enhanced. It is still hard to hear but much better. Click to listen

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These clips were submitted by PircJason.

This is a loud tap/knock that occurred when no one was around. Click to listen ‘tap’

This clip is a little hard to hear without headphones. It should be noted the room was empty at the time. The first clip is the original. The whisper sounds a like ‘choo’. The second clip has had the noise removed and the whisper amplified alittle.

Click to listen 1

Click to listen 2

This clip has a whisper that says ‘hey’. It should be noted that the room this came from was empty at the time.

Click to listen ‘hey’

This clip has two knocks. The first is a normal level the second one is quite loud. Again the room this came from was empty at the time. Click to listen

In this clip you can clearly hear a breath or possibly unintelligible words. This room was empty at the time. Click to listen breath

In this clip you hear the investigator ask a question and then behind that there is a low humming. The first clip is unaltered and the second has noise reduction and amplification.

Click original humming

Click for enhanced humming

In this next clip you hear a whisper that sounds like it says ‘hello’.

Click to listen ‘hello

In this clip Investigators Kevin and Barbara announce they are leaving and ask for a communication. The emf detector responds positively 2x. You can hear a truck at the clip start and then after the first emf buzz you will hear chimes that are the full spectrum camera. It’s interesting to note that the room temperature had dropped several times earlier and there had been some emf fluctuations but no positive responses until they announced they were leaving.

Click to listen

You can hear several knocks or footsteps in this clip. The room was empty at this time. Click for footsteps

You can hear a bell or jingle in this clip. It is a little hard to hear without headphones. The second clip is the same only with noise reduction and amplified to help with hearing it.

Click for original

Click for enhanced

This investigation produced many evps. All the investigators who used a digital recorder found something. Since many were knocks or taps going forward I will not be uploading any more taps/knocks unless there is something extraordinary about them.

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These were submitted by PircBev.

This clip was picked up during our base station setup. We were doing sound checks and deciding where to put the stand alone digital recorders. This clip was so clear it caused us to go and review whether or not if could have been one of the investigators. After a long review and input from different investigators it was determined that it was none of the Pirc members since no one responds to the call for help and everyone is going about their tasks. This clip was picked up on the Pircmain recorders too and will be presented there as well.

Click to listen ‘help’

This was also from base station setup. Click to listen

This clip picked up by PircBev is the same as the evp from PircDrew’s recorder where Jason indicates he is going into the bedroom. Click to listen

This clip contains a laugh behind the investigators conversation. The first is the original but the laugh is hard to hear. Click to listen ‘laugh’

This clip has the laugh amplified to make it easier to hear. Click for enhanced ‘laugh’

The whispering in this clip has been amplified to make it easier to hear. It’s hard to tell what is being said. Click for enhanced whisper

This clip was also presented previously in PircDrew’s section as ‘hey’. Bev felt she heard ‘whoa’. It is presented here again for your review. Click to listen

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8 thoughts on “Hillburn, NY #2 December 2, 2011 evps

  1. I heard the same bell or jingle here that I identified in the most recent investigation as “the grandfather clock” that at first the resident stated to own, then corrected to not owning such clock.

  2. I was a young child when I lived in this house. I had a playmate I called Casper and I talked to him everyday, it was at the time by the attic stairs that pulled down. I never felt like I was alone but I was never scared, except in the basement. I think there might be young spirits around, as I believe they were my playmates as a young child. The evps were awesome and so was the video, it’s definitely worth another look.

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