Eastern State Penitentiary July 28, 2013 – Media Evidence

This page will be the repository for all the evidence collected from ESP on July 28, 2013 until we have enough evidence to categorize by type.

So enjoy our evidence as we review our journey that night.

These are 3 photos that show what appears to be a shadow person standing in the door. The light in Cell Block 3 is diffused through a frosted skylight and not direct light. The shadow appears to be looking at the photographer – Kevin.

I can’t say definitively that these images are paranormal but they are interesting.

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Shadow Figure in Door
Arrow Pointing
Shadow Figure Cropped


Cell Block 7

We caught what appears to be shadow movement in this cellblock. The movement start at center around :08 seconds it fades to the left. Then at :12 seconds you can see the movement go straight down in front of the cells. The first video is annotated to aid in your review.

Original version

6 thoughts on “Eastern State Penitentiary July 28, 2013 – Media Evidence

  1. Ok here’s an update on the flir photos:

    I just received Billie’s photos and it seems Jesse had the flir with him at the hole and that accounts for the one that had a wire grate (not posted). Based on the fact that shots were taken in and around the hole/death row it is possible that Jesse took a few shots that had plexi-glass and unknowingly caught a reflection causing those diffused images. I haven’t been able to account for the clothing (it’s not a backpack) yet and I’d like to believe they are paranormal but I now have a potential rational explanation. I won’t say it explains the images but it is a possibility. I’ll leave the photos up as ‘interesting’ and keep searching to see if there is a way to definitively confirm or debunk them one way or another. Sorry to all who felt they were paranormal without a doubt but it is our job to rule out all possibilities and this now has provided us with doubt.

  2. Except the person is a lot smaller than the other person and neither drew or matt is that small. I’ve looked at everything I can and I can find no reason for the image to look like that. All other images of us are sharp. Very odd and Kevin sent me a pic today that is very odd as well. I’m trying to get as many still pics as I can to compare.

  3. IDK the picture with the two images – one of them looks like they are wearing a tank top or a sleeveless tee shirt – I’ve looked over what we all were wearing it doesn’t match any of us. Strange to say the least. I’m still reviewing in an attempt to debunk

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