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This is a collection of reader submitted photos. Photos are posted with photo credit to the owner. A big thank you to all who submit their photos. In no way does PIRC ascertain that these photos are paranormal. We considered them to be interesting in nature and present them here for your review. You can click on a photo to view individually or page through them by clicking on the thumbnail above.

To submit your photos email them to Barbara and please be sure to tell me how you want your photo credit to read. Inappropriate photos will not be posted.


This photo was submitted by Tony H. Thanks Tony. It is a photo that was taken before a car show. The night before he had stayed at his late father’s home who is thought to still walk around. He had tried to contact him and after no luck asked him to give him a sign. It should be noted that Tony’s father loved this car. The photo was taken early morning before the car show. I’ve included 2 other photos taken at the same time. You can see there is no sunlight, no reflection of sun in the others or on the car. In fact the mist appears to be in front of the pine trees in the photo. You can also see that the bright white circle does get reflected off the windshield. You can even see the odd shape of it reflected as if seen from the front.

I enlarged the photo and I can see what appears to be a human figure in a tee shirt. I’ve provided the enlargement and a photo that I marked up to give you an idea where I’m looking but only use that as a gauge to look at the unmarked photo.

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This gallery of photos was submitted by Adrianna2011. They are from Eastern State Penitentiary. I have provided a copy of the original photo and one of the photo cropped, marked and enlarged so you can see the ghostly images. Very interesting photos indeed. Thanks for sharing with us Adrianna.

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8 Responses to Your Photos

  1. avatar Pirc Barbara says:

    I can answer the particulars of the photo because one of the first things I did was look at the properties.

    There was no flash function. It was shot at 1/168th of a second and the fstop was 2.8

    I really studied the photo. There is no sun. Nothing shining through the fence or off the fence. You can actually see the mist is in front of the pine trees. It’s a really interesting photo.

  2. avatar Pirc Jason says:

    Great photos, very interesting!! If it was the sun, you should see it reflecting off all of the chrome on the car. Only thing I can think of is some sort of reflector on the fence itself. Not sure if you used a flash to take the pic or not. Awesome car, btw!!

  3. avatar Tiny says:

    Hi Barbara … I want to thank you very much for looking at my photo’s and thank the group for any and all input they might have …. Looking forward to it …. You guys have a awesome Job !!!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Pirc Bev says:

    The car pictures are very interesting indeed. Good pics!

  5. avatar Pirc Bev says:

    hmm, very interesting!

  6. avatar Pirc Barbara says:

    I asked Adrianna and she couldn’t remember if they were taken back to back. She said she’ll check the numbering and let us know.

    Makes me what to really look at any tower pics I have. We’ll have to make sure we take plenty of pics when we’re down there in August.

  7. avatar Pirc Jason says:

    Very interesting photos. The closeup of the first window is just plain creepy. Just a question, was the 2 photos of the tower window taken in succession or at 2 seperate times?

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