Hamburg, NJ October 2010 evps

Hamburg, NJ Case#20101011-003 – October 29, 2010

Any Evp that is enhanced will have a note. The only reason we amplify/normalize a file is to make it easier to listen to without a headset. Please note that not all the evps found at a particular site have been listed. The “words” are what we think is being said but you may hear something different. We encourage you to share what you think you hear.

Due to the close proximity of the bedrooms to the living room there was alot of cross contamination with the sound. Additionally the client’s shoes on the tile floor created sound contamination. As a result many of the potential evps found have not been listed.

DR1 – Living Room

Whispering can be heard under the conversation taking place.


A moan can be heard in the background.


Sounds like a ‘no’ in response to a question posed.


This evp sounds like a ‘yes’ in response to ‘do you want us to leave’? This occurs a few seconds after you hear the investigator laugh.


Dr2 Master Bedroom

The master bedroom remained unoccupied for most of the evening with investigators going in briefly to change tapes and take readings. It is possible this ‘why’ came in response to a question being asked in the living room.


DR3 Small Bedroom

This humming sound occurred during an evp session when we had a KII spike.





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