Happy New Year from Pirc

The Members of PIRC

want to wish all our family, friends, clients and neighbors a

Very Happy and Healthy New Year

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4 Responses to Happy New Year from Pirc

  1. avatar Gnostic1 says:

    Sherry, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy your day.

  2. avatar Gnostic1 says:

    Happy and healthy New Year to all.

  3. avatar Pirc Jason says:

    Happy New Year to everybody!!

  4. avatar Pirc Bev says:

    Happy New Year to everyone. I would like take this time to thank you all for your love and support and literally holding me up throughout the last year. Without you I don’t think I would have made it. Love you all and wish you a New Year of Peace, Health, Happiness and Love.

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