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Haunted Inns: #9, The Burn Brae Mansion – Glen Spey, New York

October 10, 2011

In our second installment of the Top-10 Haunted Inns series, we arrive in Glen Spey, New York, at the Burn Brae Mansion. This 1908 mansion was built by George Ross Mackenzie as a wedding gift to his daughter, Margaret Ellis. Unfortunately, little is known about Margaret’s life in the mansion, though it has been speculated that she lost a child in the home and, wracked with grief, hanged herself from a tree outside. After being opened to the public after extensive renovations, overnight guests began reporting mysterious sights and sounds in the house. Research later revealed a history of such accounts, and in August of 2007 the Burn Brae Mansion became the focus of a paranormal research team, who reported that the building was, indeed, an active paranormal site.

To conduct your own research into the topic, and perhaps to visit the attractions in Glen Spey, one only needs to book a reservation at Burn Brae Mansion. The building’s rooms are tastefully appointed, and the grounds consist of 20 wooded acres at the foot of the Catskill Mountains, with fields and walking trails, streams, and even a historic cemetery, where the original owners of the home were put to rest. You can learn more, see photos, and accounts from the paranormal investigators at the Burn Brae Mansion’s website, by clicking this link!

Around Glen Spey, New York, while you aren’t busy researching paranormal happenings or enjoying your surroundings at the Burn Brae Mansion, you can take in national historic sites as well as enjoying day trips in the area, either river rafting, hiking, or playing a game of golf. Many come to Glen Spey for the fantastic shops, craft and antique malls, and flea markets– and even more come for the luxurious day spas around town. Regardless of how you find yourself in Glen Spey, New York…the Burn Brae Mansion is worth visiting if only for a tour, but especially for an overnight stay where, somehow, history wasn’t left behind.

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