Chester, NY January 9, 2011

Chester, NY Case#20101230-005

Contact Information: Client reported physical contact, object movement and male apparitions.

Preliminary Investigation Information: Preliminary Investigation was conducted on January 9, 2011.  The following outlines the procedures and approach of this very unique preliminary investigation.

Research: The residence resides on a mountain top and the current owners have lived there since 2008. The current residence consists of the original home and several extensions. It was unclear how old the original section was but we know that it remained uninhabited for many years. Research turned up that the building might have been constructed around 1950 but the surrounding land has many remnants of older broken down or burned buildings and some may date back to the civil war.

During our preliminary investigation the clients explained the many types of paranormal activity there were experiencing. While the activity has been there from the beginning it has increased with recent renovation. We will call the husband “T” and the wife “L”.

The interview began first with the husband. “T” began by telling us that the activity has been happening for some time.

  • During one summer he had seen a man in a confederate hat outside and when the figure looked his way the apparition dissipated.
  • About 4 months ago a friend of his wife witnessed a shadow cross the path of her car as she drove up the road toward the home.
  • “T” left timberland boots on the floor in bedroom and later when he looked the boots were now on the bed.
  • A few months ago as the family was returning home the radio in the truck came on without warning.
  • “T”s mother in law heard someone say ‘hello’ and she turned and told them to leave her alone. They did.
  • In the back bedroom the family heard thumping/vibrations in the wall. This happened a few nights in a row.
  • “T” has had very bad dreams when sleeping in the back bedroom. He felt something was holding him down and he couldn’t get up. This has caused the family to no longer use this bedroom for sleeping.
  • One night “T”s phone rang and the caller id showed it was his wife. The problem was his wife was in bed next to him and her phone was sitting on table next to her. Needless to say he didn’t answer it.
  • The children’s toys will begin to operate when no one is in the room with them. One of the “talking” toys (push button to operate) actually seemed to respond on a cold day by saying “That feels good” when “L” started a fire in the wood burning stove. This happens to be one of the many phrases the toy says so we are unsure as to whether this was paranormal or just a malfunctioning toy.
  • One of the children came out screaming that there was a mass in his room. “T” went in and said ‘leave the kids alone and don’t bother them’. The child also reported seeing a man sitting in a chair.
  • “T” saw a black shadow in the bath room while he was working on the plumbing. He said when he looked back he could make out a man’s head and shoulders. “T” said “I have to do the pipes so get out” and it left.

“L” then outlined her experiences in the home.

  • One day upon returning home from work and changing to go out she left her shoes in the bedroom. When she returned home the shoes were on the porch outside.
  • She hears footsteps and creaks that sound like footsteps.
  • Recently “L” was sleeping and heard footsteps then saw a man in a trench coat, hat and boots walking from one room to another. She couldn’t see his face but he looked at her and when she started to cry he left.
  • While setting up a kerosene heater “L” felt something hit her. It was a pencil and it landed in the heater.
  • “L” has had her shirt pulled from back.
  • One day while doing laundry a basket of clothes disappeared. The family looked for it but could not find it for weeks until it turned up in a closet one day.
  • Children have been pushed/poked. And one time one of them was making fun of the “spirit” saying it was ‘stupid’ when a loud crash happened next to him, scaring him. Nothing was there or broken.
  • Pet’s have reacted to unseen things and growled.
  • Family feels things are getting more bold.

We were given a tour of the residence. During our prelim we took many emf readings. The house as a whole has very high emf readings but some areas of the house have extremely high emf readings. Readings ranged from .2 all the way up to 8.0. We explained that high emf readings can be the cause of many things from paranoia, headaches, vertigo, irritability, tinnitus and fatigue among them.

During our walk through both investigators had personal experiences. Kelly reported feeling being touched on multiple occasions. I not only felt like I was being touched near my head but on several occasions I felt my arm being touched. While on our tour I began to feel sick but never mentioned it. My head was swimming, I had a headache and began to feel sick to my stomach. I have never had this reaction before to either paranormal or high emfs.

The family voiced concerns that our presence might cause whatever was there to react negatively with the family. When we were upstairs we did a small session trying to explain that the family had invited us in and we were in no way asking whatever was there to leave. The family just wanted to understand what was there and if there was something specific ‘they’ wanted. We asked that whatever presence was there to please leave the children alone.

One of the things we do when we enter a residence is to try to understand what is happening from the spirit’s side. We asked what was the situation when the one child was poked/pushed. “L” explained she had been calling her son to get up and after several times the child finally came down and told her what had happened. He had explained the the poke was “like when you are trying to get me out of bed”. We explained that it was possible that the entity thought it was helping her. And the other time maybe it thought the child was being disrespectful.

Our discussions continued as we tried to give both “T” and “L” a different perspective to what was happening. We asked them to try to understand that it’s possible what’s there doesn’t understand why they are in the house or that they are even dead. The fact that the house had sat dormant for many years may have played a part in this confusion. Since the house is high up on a mountain the underlying bedrock could be causing some of what’s happening to be residual. Both seemed to feel better when thinking about the entity in a different way.

We vowed to return with the team to perform a full investigation. As I said this residence is high atop of a mountain and the road became impassable with this years many snow storms. I spoke with “L” a few times and while things were still very active they had quieted down and not been quite as harsh. Footsteps were more subdued, noises seemed gentler. Unfortunately months have passed without being able to make the trek up the mountainside.

During this time the family made the decision to move from the residence. “L” did not indicate if the move was a result of the activity or not. We wish the family all the best in their new home. As a result the investigation has been marked closed.

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