Urban Ghost Hunts

“UGH” is a branch of PIRC for the adventurer in all of us.

Pirc has a strict code about urban ghost hunting.

      • Never break into or do damage to a location.
      • Leave the location untouched for the next adventurer.
      • Respect the rights of all creatures.
      • Be respectful to any law officers you encounter.
      • Never bring any tools that could be misconstrued as tools for breaking and entering
      • Have fun!!


Urban Ghost Investigations




Location: Rockland Psychiatric Center, Orangeburg, NY

Link: Rockland Psychiatric Center



Location: Letchworth Village, Theills, NY

Investigation Dates: 2012 – 2015

Investigation of Cemetery:Link 

Investigation Photos:Photos pg1 and Photos pg2

Evp evidence: Link


Location: Stony Point Battlefield – Stony Point, NY

Investigation Date: June 2013

Investigation summary:n/a

Investigation Photos:Photos

Evp evidence: n/a


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