SS Salem – April 22, 2012 Audio

The night of the investigation aboard the SS Salem we were engulfed in heavy rains. Much of the night we attributed clanging sounds to the wind whipping the rigging back and forth against the ship. It truly sounded like someone was hammering metal as if repairing a portion of the ships hull. There were times it sounded as if it were right next to us but we had chalked it up to wind contamination. However at one point in the night the security force commented to us about this banging they heard asking us if we heard that? They seemed excited and we told them that that banging had been happening all night. It was at that time they told us that it was not due to rigging banging or any other known item banging against the ship. In fact it had been the first time they ever heard it.

None of the bangs are presented however below are some of the evps we captured that night.

These are some really clear ones.



[audio:|titles=pantry door slams]


These are all of a child humming. She seemed to be following one of our investigators. This ship was used as a rescue and hospital and saw many fatalities in that capacity.







Other stuff

Voices and Throat Clear – original and enhanced. The banging was a piece of equipment in the area.


[audio:|titles=noise reduced]

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