Remaining Burn Brae EVPs now online

Ok the last of the Burn Brae evps are now online. There were so many evps that I had to restrain myself from posting them all.

Now I’m working on the few videos we have. Some of which I think are awesome I might add. LOL.

I’ll send out of post once those are up.


Burn Brae EVPs online

Hi there.

Just a quick note to let you know that most of the Burn Brae Investigation evps are online. There will be a few more shortly. I’ll post an update when all are online.


Forum back as test run

I’ve been missing the forum so I’ve decided to put it back up. My aim is to take it completely out of wordpress but for now I’ve put it back. I’ll give it a trial run to see if there is any interest. You must be a registered user to post. All are welcomed to view.

USS Salem was awesome

Although I was sick as a dog, and no human wanted to be near me, the spirits didn’t seem to mind.  Anything that was on the ship found me and stayed with me all evening and seemed to follow me where ever we went.  I was thrilled and had such a blast.


SS Salem Photos now online

The photos from our pre-investigation tour on the SS Salem are now online here. A few photos from our visit to Boston’s Quincey Market can be found here. Once evidence review is completed that will be posted.

Many thanks to Pirc’s Kimberly for these wonderful photos. Thanks to the Pirc team for a great time and investigation.

Special thanks to the security team aboard the SS Salem for job well done.

the Pirc Team

SS Salem here we come

Well we’re off to Quincey, MA to investigate aboard the cruiser the SS Salem.

It’s going to be a fun time and hopefully we’ll get something interesting.

I’ll catch you all up when we get back on Monday.

Titanic Dinner

Just wanted to say thanks to Kimberly and my sister Paula for hosting a fabulous Titanic dinner on Saturday. Wow – the food and wine was great and no one had to board a life boat. LOL

  This one of the fabulous dishes – consomme olga – it was all very yummy. Thanks again and fabulous job.


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