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Formally founded in 2010,  PIRC investigators bring a vast array of personal experiences and knowledge in the paranormal. Any bios listed reflect content submitted and written by the members themselves.

Barbara – Founder, Lead Investigator, case manager – camera & gear specialist. Web master. I worked over 31 years in the pharmaceutical industry, spending at least 15 years in computerized systems. Self taught in electronics, it has allowed me to make much of PIRC’s support gear. I was born in the Bronx but lived in rural New York as a youth before moving to Rockland county. I have been interested in the paranormal since a profound paranormal experience at an early age. This  fueled my thirst for knowledge on the paranormal. PIRC has enabled me to search for explanations and answers in the this field.

Kelly – Investigator, camera/gear specialist and Tech manager. She is also a document and graphic specialist. As one of our tech managers Kelly is responsible for coordinating and placement of our gear at investigations. She also heads up our Evp extraction team. Kelly is one of our founding members. She spent most of her youth living in a haunted house with a very active spirit. Her interest in the paranormal spans many years. Kelly has experienced events with multiple apparitions.

  Kim – Research Manager, event researcher & assistant web master. Kim’s interest in the paranormal spans many years. She is one of our original members and an important asset to the team.

   Sherry – One of our founding Investigators. Her interest in the paranormal spans many years. Sherry performs Case research and is one of our urban research team members. She is a valued member of the Evp extraction team. Sherry has had many paranormal experiences over the years.

   Jason – Investigator, researcher, Tech Manager, camera and gear specialist. Event research manager for group investigations. Jason is one of our original investigators. Husband and father of 2 great boys. “I have been with PIRC since the beginning and I was thrilled to be asked to join. I have always been curious about the “unexplained”, whether it be Bigfoot, ufo’s, my wife(haha), or ghosts/spirits. I enjoy studying and investigating the paranormal and I hope to learn a lot while doing it. Besides, Scooby Doo was always my favorite cartoon so it only makes since that I would be a”Ghosthunter.”

  Kevin – Investigator and a member of the Evp Extraction team. Kevin also serves as a back up tech manager and part of the Urban research team. His interest in the Paranormal spans many years. Kevin has many great investigative skills and is a valued member of the team.


  Bev – Investigator. Event researcher for group investigations and a member of the Evp Extraction team. She is a valued addition to our group. “I have had an interest in the Paranormal for many years. I have always “known” things.   I actually thought that everyone knew the same things I did… they didn’t.  I am always the skeptic first, then a believer, rather than the other way around.  I love being a member of PIRC and continue to search for explanations… always intrigued by the unknown!!”

  Rusty – Forever in our hearts.

    Diane – Investigator and a member of the Evp Extraction team and urban research team. “I have been sensitive from a young age and I am interested in helping those that have trouble dealing with the spirit world and helping ghosts that refuse to pass over or ones that  don’t realize they are deceased pass over to the other side.”

 Natalie – Investigator. Natalie has a great interest in the paranormal. She has done many urban explorations and her interest in the paranormal spans many years. She is a great addition to our team

Tyler – A seasoned Paranormal Investigator and an asset to Pirc.  Tyler is also 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, actively plays soccer  and lacrosse.  In addition to the paranormal he is also interested in Sasquatch investigations.

   Ryan – Investigator. He is a red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Ryan plays basketball, soccer and baseball. He is also interested in Sasquatch investigations.

                               Mascots – Forever in our hearts – rip grey boys

  Jackson      Jeffery




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