Burn Brae Mansion – EVPs – February 18, 2012

The following clips were obtained from Burn Brae Mansion. Any Evp that is enhanced will have a note. The only reason we modify a file is to make it easier to listen to without a headset. Please note that not all the evps found at a particular site have been listed. The “words” are what we think is being said but you may hear something different. We encourage you to share what you think you hear.

In many of these clips you will hear the ghost meter sounding. We had very odd and inconsistent reactions with the Mel, KII and ghost meter. We were unable to debunk or prove anything that could cause their inconsistent reaction. To be safe we have attributed all to some type of non-paranormal interference regardless of whether they might have appeared to be intelligently reacting and we ask that you disregard their activity in all these clips.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

Please be aware we had to remove our current audio player, as a result evps do not show a player but show a link which you can click on. The file will open and play. To return to this page please hit the back button.

Using headphones will aid in listening to these files.

DR1 – downstairs dining room

In this clip Kelly responding to hearing a moan. The mechanical voice is the Ovilus and the beeping is the ghost meter. This is the full unaltered version. Click for moan

This is a shortened file with just the moan. Click for shortened moan

This next clip has Bev and Kelly downstairs in the kitchen. You can hear the ghost meter and the Ovilus. You can hear voices behind/under their interaction. The first clip is untouched. Click to listen

This is the same clip with a 6db cut to make it easier to hear the voices. It is not clear what the voices are saying. Click to listen

In this clip Jason is is asking to turn on a ghost meter. We did this many times trying to understand why the meter was going off. After he does so you hear a ‘knock’ and then Jason and the others react to it. Click to listen

This clip has what sounds like a “no” about 1 sec in. It has been altered with a 6db cut to make it easier to hear – click to listen

In this clip you can hear what sounds like an inhale. In the background you can hear the investigators. No one was close to this recorder to make this sound. This is just one of several clips that had this inhale or breathy sound. Click for breath

DR2 – attic

In this clip there are 2 points where you can hear a scream. One at approximately 7 seconds and one at 25 seconds. You can hear the investigators talking and walking as they had just placed this recorder up in the attic. The file has been amplified. Click to listen

Base Station – We ran audio and video all night while we slept. These clips were captured long after we went to bed. Interestingly enough one of our investigators had a hard time sleeping because she heard footsteps all night long. We were able to confirm through the video that this was none of Pirc.

This is a loud knock that occurred while we slept. Click for knock

These next 2 clips are amplified to make the noises easier to hear. Some sound like walking.

Click for noise 1

Click for noise 2

DR3 – dining room

In this clip you can hear a breath near the microphone as the investigators are speaking. The ghost meter beep has been reduced to make it easier. Click for breath

This is the same clip as above with the beeping intact but I must warn you the beeping is very loud. I only present it so you can see that the breath is unaltered in the first. Click for original

Base Station

In this clip we are at base station setting things up. You can hear the investigators and then you hear a child’s voice say “hello”. This is approximately 5 minutes into setup. The first is unaltered. Click for ‘hello’

In this clip just the portion with the child’s voice is amplified to make it easier to hear. Click to listen

In this clip you can hear Kimberly sniff (she had a nasty cold) and then there is a word that sounds like her name “Kim” and then another sniff. It sounds like someone was trying to get her attention. This occurs approximately 4 hours 50 minutes in. Click to listen ‘Kim’

In this clip you hear Kelly telling me about the camera position. (we moved the downstairs camera about 5 hours in) While she is doing that you can hear a long drawn out whisper that sounds like “hello” and then “Kimmy”.  As I stated above someone was trying to get Kimberly’s attention. The file has a 6db cut to make it easier to hear. Click ‘Hello Kimmy’

This clip is of what sounds like walking. We had already gone to bed at this point. Click to listen

Jason’s recorder was placed in the bedroom opposite from the attic. This is the room with the alleged secret child’s room.

There are 2 parts that I have amplified in this clip where you can hear a child speaking. There is no consensus as to what is being said. There is what sounds like a cough after the first part and then the second part. Both sound like they are the same voice. Click to listen

There are 2 spots in this clip that I have amplified. The first is quite long and sounds like the same child as above. The second part is just a cough. Again there was no consensus to what is being said. Click to listen




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