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Jason try these 2

iphone compatible ss salemcam1 file 2_x264

Final Docs to be signed. I have updated both a little check out.

PIRC Code newest version

and  PIRC waiver

5 Responses to Boardroom

  1. avatar Pirc Bev says:

    Just wanted to sent a big thank you and hug to Barb and Kelly… Without you guys I would be drowning…. Love you both.

  2. avatar Pirc Barbara says:

    Bev & Rusty

    We love you guys too. Can’t wait for you both to be home so we can raise some hell.


  3. avatar Pirc Jason says:

    Hope all goes well, and you both get to go home soon!

  4. avatar Pirc Bev says:

    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick update. Rus is still in great spiris. Showing no signs, other than a lower platelet count. He received a Platelet Transfusion on Friday. He goes back on Tuesday and we go from there. We think he will have a bone marrow test sometime this week and that will determine what our next step is. Thank you all for your prayers…. They are so needed. And a very very special thank you to Barb and Kelly for being our support/rocks/shoulders to cry on/ bird and fish caretakers/ and anything else that is needed…. we cannot thank you enough and love you both.
    Bev and Rus

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